Fitting Your New Ghost Saddle

GHOST allows your horse to move every limb without limitations

The base and panels protect his back and help the rider to sit aligned without force.

The seat is soft and has a lot of twist.

The spot you sit on is weight bearing, the front and rear of the saddle follow every move of your horse

Put the GHOST on your horse.

Check the wither clearance and notice the shoulder can

move below the

front of the panel

The girth straps are on a sliding V.

You can easily change the position of the girth straps

and adapt  the saddle to the conformation of your horse

When the saddle is at the correct spot, move the

girth straps to the natural position (about a hand behind

the front legs) until the girth straps hang down vertically

Fasten the girth, but not too tight - use a girth

long enough to have the buckles above the elbows

For sensitive horses, GHOST has girth strap protectors

 When you are mounted, you can still lift the front of the saddle.

This allows your horse to move freely

Check the wither clearance. Just a few fingers is enough. The saddle will adapt to the conformation

of the horse. In exceptional cases, contact your dealer for advice

You should also be able to lift the rear part of the GHOST

when you are in the saddle

Do NOT sit on the cantle of your GHOST

The panels of the GHOST can be moved around a

Bit. Feel free to experiment to find out what works best for your horse. They can also be shimmed.

Always contact your dealer for advise when you feel uncertain

Please take notice  that the channel between the panels will

automatically widen, when you put the saddle on a table-top horse.

When the channel is too wide, the saddle can collapse under your weight

and  hurt the horse.

The panels should rest on the long muscle that runs parallel to the spine and not on the ribs

The smart design of the GHOST allows the same saddle to fit on a wide variety of horses

You can easily change the style of your GHOST

Seats can be exchanged in minutes (as long as it’s the same size as the base)

Your hacking saddle can become a stylish dressage model.

Ghost instructions Download.pdf