Ghost Cavallin Treeless Saddles

The Cavallin Treeless line is made by Ghost and uses the same base structure. The difference is the stirrup and girth attachment. The stirrups are attached to a sturdy velcro plate, that can be placed in every position.  There is a second attachment under the flap, next to the billets. You can order special stirrup straps that are attached at the top and lower rings, to distribute the weight of the rider. The billets are attached with rings at the bottom of the flap. There is a choice of blocks, which are also attached with Velcro.

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Cavallin Treeless Heritage
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he design and features of the Crusader, the first in this new range, will delight lovers of treeless saddles.
 The adjustable stirrup straps attach to a velcro pad that can be moved backwards or forwards under the saddle seat in order for the rider to find the most comfortable position for their riding style. The comfort of the horse is paramount and to this end, both saddles have thick adjustable panels to lift the saddle off the spine and provide wither clearance. In order to further protect the horse's back during heavier stirrup use or riding in a two point seat, the stirrup straps have the option of being attached to buckles at the bottom of the saddle flaps, thereby spreading the load between two areas.

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Cavallin Treeless Mandriana, a crossover between a sophisticated   bareback pad and a treeless saddle. This unique fur-saddle has 3 parts. A treeless pad with inserts and lined with thick wool, the “base” with cantle and the girth straps, that spreads the pressure over a large surface andholds  the sturdy Velcro stirrup attachment. This constructions will adapt to your and your horse’s needs. The Mandriana has 3 models:

• Mandriana Rotondo (round)
• Mandriana Quadro (square)
• Mandriana Selvaggia (uncut)

 There is a choice in skins. Lovely lush cream coloured medicinal sheepskin with a pile of 3cm. Several colours with 5cm pile and untreated wild sheep skin in many natural colours.