Ghost Saddle Pads

Image may contain: shoesAll Ghost saddle pads are suitable for both tree and treeless saddles.  .

No automatic alt text available.The outside material is a dry cell polyester.  This material is breathable, stain resistant,  and does not snag easily.

The saddle pad also has a wear leather and heavy duty leather girth strap holders which helps to keep your saddle in the correct position.

No automatic alt text available.The underside of Ghost saddle pads  features symponova technology.         The woven design of sympanova consists of a series of channels that allow air to flow through the saddle pad.  This air flow helps the horse dissipate body heat so sweating is reduced.  Symponova also does not absorb sweat and this keeps the pad light weight on long rides.  

No automatic alt text available.Ghost saddle pads come in a range of designs including a universal pad that fits most saddle types. The available colours include, black, brown, blue, beige, red and fuscia.  Pad colours can also be mixed and matched.  For example a black seat area and brown flaps.  Pads can be lined with medicinal or regular sheepskin.  

Image may contain: one or more peopleGhost saddle pads come in three sizes that suit 16, 17 and 18 inch saddles.  They are hand crafted in Italy and more affordable than other therapeutic saddle pads currently in the market place.  In Australia a standard universal sympanova pad retails for around $160 and this includes postage within Australia.