Why I ride in a Ghost Saddle - My Story

Why I ride in a Ghost Saddle - My Story

by Lou Hutchings

Treeless saddles have literally allowed me to enjoy the biggest passion in my life, relatively pain free! I say relatively because I am never truly going to able to ride without pain. I have suffered most of my life with hypermobility of my hips, pelvis and ankles, I have fibromylagia and have regular sub fluxations of the hips, particularly when I ride “Fat Jack” my widest horse who resembles an elephant.

Apart from my hip problems I also had a very bad break to the tibia and prior to that a snapped cruciate ligament, so to say I am a bit of a train wreck is an understatement! When my own customers ask if its going to be possible to ride due to their own hips issues - yes I can relate to them and yes they can!

Prior to riding with a Ghost I could only manage a couple of hours ride at the most, my hips would literally lock up on me and I would need a crane to get off. The biggest advantage of the Ghost over other treeless saddles is the Twist to the seat, so your hips don’t feel so stretched and wide and it supports your pelvis - some customers use the additional pommel bolster if they have a more tilted pelvis, thankfully mine rotates more the opposite way so this is not such an issue for me.

Since riding in the Ghost I can enjoy extended rides out of up to around 4 hours, in all paces. I find the thigh blocks particularly helpful as we ride in very varied terrain and where going down steep hills used to put too much pressure on my hips causing a sub-flxation, the thigh blocks support me very well and I don’t have to grip so much so I am not locking up.

To be told from age 18 to stop riding or I would end up in a wheelchair, well I got told the same at 25, then 30, then 40, as I approach my 50th eeek! I am still doing what I love most, the best kind of therapy for me and thanks to the Ghost saddle I am able to do this relatively pain free.

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